Mount Gay Rum Large Duffel Bag

SailorBags is auctioning off this one of a kind duffel to help raise money for the US Olympic Sailing Team. In addition to the money raised from the auction, SailorBags will be making a matching donation to the team.

Mount Gay Rum is a major sponsor of sailing events around the world and THE brand of rum for those who love the sea. When they needed a special gift for some valued partners, they collaborated with SailorBags to develop a unique sailcloth bag, that combined the adventurous spirit of Mount Gay Rum with the classic, nautical appeal that SailorBags is well known for.

This distinctive duffel bag is practical as well and can easily hold a week's worth of clothes. It has plenty of interior pockets, and one on the outside - made from the Mount Gay Rum logo. The dimensions are 12"h x 22"w x 12"d.

Bidding on this bag is a great way to show your passion for the sport of sailing and support the US Olympic Sailing Team.
You can also support the team by making a donation through the US Sailing website.